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#118. The Leading Cause of Divorce

Stock Unhappy Dinner Couple 2

#118. The Leading Cause of Divorce

stock unhappy dinner couple (2)I think being at home for the past ten weeks watching TV while my broken foot healed has illuminated some stark realities about life.  Generally speaking, watching TV for twelve to fourteen hours per day for any extended period of time could be said to be the activity of a sloth-like pothead agoraphobic with serious emotional issues.  Aware of the profile of such a TV watching slug, I partook nonetheless.  I mean, I really watched the commercials, the sitcoms and reality shows of cable and networks and the How-To’s of the Food Network. 

Thanks to TV, I was destined to lose weight.  There is one show on The Food Network called, “Food Factory” that is one of the scariest shows I have ever seen.  This show profiles various products made in food manufacturing plants and documents how they create their vulgar and toxic products. The process of creating frozen meals, meat products, baked goods, candy, and prepared ‘fresh’ foods are revealed in an upbeat, cheery manner like the machinery churning eight thousand pounds of sugar and preservatives are somehow enticing.  This show was the best diet I have ever unknowingly tried.  Watching each oil, dye and every other disgusting bulk ingredient being dumped into a vat operated by an underpaid, uneducated labourer was just vile and depressing.  Sure we see all these shiny and well marketed products in the grocery store that may look healthy and/or tasty, but when I saw the dissection of what each product actually consists of beneath the glossy package,  I simply could not bring myself to eat any packaged or manufactured ‘foods’ from thereon.  As I write this I want to vomit just thinking of the factory made crap. Uch.

After a few episodes of ‘Food Factory’, I had to find other shows if I were ever going to eat anything ever again.  As I flipped around for hours, I started to notice that there was one common thread that prevailed throughout every single show and commercial that I saw.  This theme was so blatant that I wondered how I never noticed it before.  It became crystal clear that EVERYTHING in our economic and social systems are based on marriage and coupling.  Let me explain.

 “The Bathelorette” features a woman trying desperately to find a husband.  “House Hunters” is usually couples and/or families looking to purchase a home for their brood.  “Four Weddings” is a show where four petty brides judge each others weddings to decide who has the best event to receive the prize of a dream Honeymoon.  “Million Dollar Neighbourhood” document families trying to climb out of the mountains of debt they have created for themselves through facilitating the dream of marriage and family.  “Mistresses” is a new nighttime soap where women are either breaking up other people’s marriages, their own or trying to marry.  Even the Cascade dish washing detergent commercial where two women actually break into a fight about the cleanliness of a dish washing machine necessitating a repugnant ‘Kitchen Councillor’ to intervene (as a side note, I seriously want to track down the actress who plays this idiot as well as the advertising geniuses who created this nonsense and slap them all silly) as women evidently don’t have anything more interesting to discuss.  Don’t even get me started on all of the religious programs and televangelists who ‘speak for God’ and preach the concept of marriage as the true gospel…  Clearly organized religion was created to control society – especially women.  Until God, if there is in fact one such entity, decides to tell me directly that this concept of ‘marriage’ is the natural order of things then, and only then, will I re-consider my position.

Our concept of marriage is a big bunch of bullshit providing the emotional basis of every product sold with the attached perception that the consumer can somehow get closer to attaining the Norman Rockwell lives that we have been trained to strive towards with every dollar spent.

Just about every single show and commercial on television is based on perpetuating the goal of a fairy-tale like marriage.  It’s everywhere!!!  I realized that I have been so socialized – brainwashed if you will – to expect and seek out a partner that it is a part of my DNA and impossible to disconnect from that desire.  Even if I can dispel the myth of marriage and it’s seeming incompatibility with human nature, I remain absolutely compelled to find one man to love who will love me back!  I can’t help it!!!  How can I when the possible beauty and stability of love within a long term relationship is reinforced at every turn? 

I am very clear that most marriages suck.  Like the Food Factory products, the exterior may look enticing and desirable but when you look at the components that create these nutrition barren Cancer causing treats, they aren’t things that one would rationally choose to enhance one’s own health and well-being.  I’m sure the odd manufactured product may be healthy and delicious, but that is not the majority!  The majority of slop featured on ‘Food Factory’ will make you sick and fat.  Much like a bad marriage.

I don’t know how to rid myself of the deep rooted desire to still want a long term relationship with one person.  How do I disregard such an instilled need and longing for the affection and stability of one quality male human being?  The fantasy that there is someone out there who will love, support and encourage me to become the best me possible and appreciate the same reciprocation is one of my most powerful motivations.  Is that realistic at all???  Have I just been unlucky and a great relationship is possible?  I suspect that I am an active participant in the big fairy-tale marketing scam that we all have been victims to from the day we were born but feel helpless to usurp it. It’s a conflict.

I am going to start dating again as I am limping quite spiritedly at this point and never looked better so I have to carpe diem! But since the reality of what’s beneath all shiny packages has entered my consciousness, I will take things slowly. Especially after the big romance crash and burn from three months ago before I broke my foot.  I am not clear on what happened there as all indicators were pointing to something special until he abruptly disappeared.  Guess his shiny package fooled me much like the ‘Food Factory’ crap.  Face value is just superficial.  No more ‘assuming’.  As the old adage goes: To ASSUME makes an ASS out of U and Me.

I know that in reality most marriages involve two pretty unhappy people that may have had something enviable at some earlier point in time, but have simply outgrown the relationship and become different people needing and looking for different things.

Long story short, I have finally figured out what the leading cause of divorce is:  MARRIAGE.

  1. Helen
    HelenAug 22, 2013

    You have just nailed it, Hayley!
    We all want love, intimacy, sex, romance, happiness and as women, most of us are just built that way. We can’t help it. It’s part of our DNA. And you’re right, the institution of marriage sets up — for most of us — unrealistic expectations, however, we’ve been socialized to want it. And it starts with Prince Charming fairytales when we’re little girls.
    I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know one thing for certain: if love, respect, monogomy and honesty are not mutual in a relationship, we shouldn’t be in one.
    Looking forward to your next post!

    • Hayley
      HayleyAug 22, 2013

      Helen, it seems more and more that “love, respect, monogomy and honesty” to be mutual in a relationship is the holy grail. Is it attainable on any lasting level? I don’t know. I have yet to find it. But I will keep trying because I need to! Guess the search for it keeps life interesting whether we attain it or not.
      Hayley recently posted..#118. The Leading Cause of DivorceMy Profile

  2. Joan
    JoanAug 22, 2013

    Ahhhh Hayley, might as well give up on trying to lose the desire or yearning for a long term relationship, unless it burns itself out of you like I’ve noticed it done to a few people I know- like my mother. I think that yearning for that which makes so much sense on the face of it but always has an incredibly complicated tangled up dark underside is buried deep into our most basic instinctual desires and therefore is very hard to shake, as much as I know I want to.

    You know….that I can’t live with them, can’t live without them thing.

    Right now, for me, men suck. Don’t get me wrong, I know there are good ones out there but as awful as this sounds and as much as I don’t want to do it for this reason, in order to make myself “marketable”, I have to lose the weight. I know there are other reasons for losing weight that are much better and more sound such as being healthier which is especially good for a single parent with no health insurance. But much to my dismay, disgust even, the thing that may propel me the most to get fit is to be more attractive. Because frankly, most men my age are old and ugly and the ones that aren’t can attract a youngster such as yourself. I don’t want old and ugly, especially if its some dude who looks like they’re already having health issues because the last thing I want as I’m finishing up raising my kids is to end up taking care of an adult. The fact that I have even thought the thoughts that I just wrote down makes me ill. I have repeatedly told myself that at this point in my life, the last thing I am willing to do is change for a man and yet that is what I am talking about. Because there are certain realities….

    Wtf??? This has to stop now. Unless a handsome healthy mature yet not too mature rich kind considerate sexy really really funny dude comes along and sweeps me away along with my brood, I don’t even want to be looking. I need to get off of that damn dating site which is never fun for me, always depressing and get off my ass and do what it takes to get healthy for me….not some future potential shithead.

    Wow. I’m not sure where that came from. Maybe I don’t need that second cup of coffee, lol.

    Keep on keeping on my gimpy Canadian friend.

    • Hayley
      HayleyAug 22, 2013

      Well Joan, I know for me I got fat and kept the weight on to keep men from being attracted to me. I wasn’t ready and couldn’t deal with a relationship for a long time. Hell, I could barely deal with myself and son let alone another person. It wasn’t until I was ready to open myself up to possibilities and get over the fear of rejection and disappointment (which still suck btw) that I was able to shed that weight. I also didn’t trust my judgement for a long time based on the horrible decision I made in mating with my ex. I wasn’t sure I would be able to decipher between a douchebag and good man. I also feared that the douchebags were the majority and still believe that to be true. But when I started feeling better about myself and decided to get out of the comfort of being the victim (which was comfortable – I knew how to do that), I began to make healthier decisions. We’re just people. I clearly made another shitty decision, but I am hopefully learning from it and will do things very differently in my next round of dating. You will lose the weight when you’re ready. Thanks so much for sharing that Joan. I know exactly how you feel. We are all in this together!
      Hayley recently posted..#118. The Leading Cause of DivorceMy Profile

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